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Attia Trott says...

Having Beverley, as a personal trainer is fantastic, you have a specific training programme, with a one to one approach to your training and diet needs and the best thing “enthusiasm by the bucket load” from Bev, which has a direct effect on your commitment to getting fit! It really gives you that extra push!

You can see the benefits and results really quickly, as you are shown to use the equipment/exercises safely and correctly. Bev is always happy to discuss your personal needs, regarding your health, using her expertise and knowledge to advise of the best possible fitness regime, whilst ensuring that your training is tailor made, even when you have particular medical needs eg, possible MS like me.

Beverly, my personal trainer, is a “must have”! From doing no regular exercise at all, to exercising for the past two years with enthusiasm and passion, is a direct result of her unique approach to training!!

Franco Ferraro says...

When I started using a personal trainer I weighed over 18 stone and am now just over 12. Training with Beverley has not only helped my physical side of training but also my self confidence in helping me to believe that when you set your mind on something and you believe you can do it you can achieve anything. I found our weekly sessions in the park (rain or shine) very enjoyable and actually looked forward to training each week. I now live in Italy I am continuing with my exercise programme and continuing to reap the rewards from sticking to it. I still keep in touch with Beverley and regard her as a special friend.

Joanna Dooley says...

I’ve always had a tendency to carry a bit more weight than I should, (not helped by being a “foodie” and being a member of a wine tasting club)! However, when I’m motivated, I really enjoy working out and feeling fitter and healthier.

Like a lot of people, I need a kick to get started and that’s where having a Personal Trainer really helps. Getting one to one attention just cannot be beaten and you feel more committed when you know your trainer is just focused on you and your individual needs.