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How I work

Step One: Free consultation

Before any training can commence you are offered a free consultation where I will travel to your home or office. This will give us a chance to meet each other and discuss your personal goals whilst giving me a good idea of your fitness background and your current schedule.

Step Two: Medical Screening

This usually takes between fifteen and twenty minutes and involves filling out a medical history questionnaire to establish any possible health risks that we need to be aware of before we start training. If required you may need to obtain consent from your GP before we can start any fitness training. The screening will also include a blood pressure test and weight. A body fat test whilst recommended is optional. The medical screening is usually added on to your first session at no extra cost.

Step Three: Start Training

I will help you to get fit and stay motivated with a programme that’s fun yet challenging. Using a variety of exercises and equipment you should be challenged and continually see results without getting bored. My goal is to help you become confident when working out whether that is with myself, in your local gym or at home alone. I’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to get going and then its up to you how far you want to go. Receiving expert fitness advice for an hour is just one aspect of personal training, I will also:

  • Provide nutrition advice and dietary analysis
  • Provide you with a training programme so that you are confident to work out alone
  • Give you hand outs on fitness and diet related articles
  • Provide you with the support you need where required